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Important Biomolecules NEET Questions 

A lot of people asked me to provide MCQs on Biomolecules .

In this we have use to quiz of some MCQ on Biomolecules.

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Biomolecules is a chapter of class 11 NCERT Biology as well as Chemistry class 12 NCERT textbook., which is considered a very important chapter as per the NEET competition.

Biomolecules is important chapeter for study in Biology, especially in Class 11th Biology NCERT textbook.

Besides this, you will get also it to study in Organic Chemistry in Chemistry class 12Chemistry textbook.

If seen from the NEET exam perspective, it is an important chapter and 3 to 5 questions are commonly asked from this chapter in zoology and botany sections of NEET exams every year.

As we know that, some chapters have been removed on as per the new education policy (NEP-National Education Policy 2020), so if seen then it is possible that in the coming years, multiple choice questions from this chapter will increase.

The number of Biomolecules MCQ can be more.

It is important to note that Biomolecules chapter is completely conceptual and only if you have basic knowledge of Chemistry, then you will be eaisly able to understand this chapter properly.

Thus keep in mind that here you will not only learn to biology,  we also have to study chemistry along with biology, which we called biochemistry.

Hope you will enjoy during attempt of the given multiple choice questions on your own but still if you see any mistake or any updates then you can comment or mail.

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biomolecules neet mcq

MCQ of Biomolecules

most important questions of chapter biomolecules useful to NEET, board and others competitive exams.

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Haem is the prosthetic group of enzyme 

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In which of the following groups are all polysaccharides?

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Conversion of pyruvic acid into ethyl alcohol is facilitated by the enzyme(s)

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Which one is correctly matched?

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The following proteins are abundant in extracellular matrix

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How many peptide bonds are needed to formation of a insulin hormone? (Mature Insulin has two polypeptide chains – chain-A has 21 amino acid & chain B has – 30 amino acid)

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Which of the following pair of amino acids are Acidic?

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Enzyme Inhibition is used to control

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Which of the following monosaccharides found in Nucleic acid.

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Enzyme which involve in Reverse Transcription is  

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Which one is not related to deoxyribonucleic acid?

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Which of following are group of Proenzyme or Zymogens? 

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Which of the compound toxic in nature 

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Which one is the Quaternary Structure of protein

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Which of the following is not nucleic acid?

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Peptidyl transferase enzyme involve in

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Ligase are enzymes, which help in joining of 

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Which of the following compounds form Zwitter ions   

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Which of following statement correct is w.r.t. Co-factors.

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Glycosidic bond not found in

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In nucleic acid the adjacent nucleotides joint to each other by  

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Which one is the primary metabolites in plants 

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An organic substance bound to an enzyme and essential for its activity is called

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Role of Enzyme in Reactions in 

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Zinc is the Co-factors for enzyme

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