NEET questions of Principle of Inheritance Variations 2025

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NEET MCQ Principle of Inheritance & Variations for 2025

Here we have compiled a list a MCQs about chapter Principle of Inheritance and Variations.

Principal’s Genetics is one of the most important chapters of Class 12 Biology. Every year in the board exams and NEET exams, as well as in other competitive exams where questions come from Biology, many questions are asked from this chapter.

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This List of MCQ (Principle of Inheritance and Variations) Genetics tries to cover almost every topics related to this chapter. So let’s do this.

NEET MCQ Principle of Inheritance & Variations

MCQ of genetics NEET 2025

MCQ of Principle of Inheritance & Variations

MCQ of Principle of Inheritance & Variations

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In a dihybrid cross, when a heterozygous pea plant with green inflated pod are self-crossed. The off spring plant with green constricted pod are represented by the genotype

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A white colour flower is found to be dominant over violet colour flower. The genotype of white flower can be determined by 

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Syndrome in humans in which individual's somatic cells contain the three sex chromosomes XXY is called

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A pleiotropic gene

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What were the genotypes F2 generation plants obtained by selfing of heterozygous Violet Flowers F1 plants in Mendel’s monohybrid cross?

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Which of the following pairs of contrasting traits were studied in pea plant by Mendel constitute recessive characters?

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Given below are few statements regarding the Mendel’s experimental investigations on laws of inheritance. Choose the incorrect statement

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Select the correct option for Filial-1 generation regarding Mendelian inheritance

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Read the following statements and choose the correct option.

Statement A: The law of segregation is the most fundamental principle of heredity that has universal application with no exception.

Statement B: The law of segregation is also called law of purity of gametes/ spores as segregation of two alleles of a trait results in gamete/ spores receiving only one allele out of a pair.

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The F1 of genotype Tt were self-pollinated. The resultant F2 plants appear to be both tall and dwarf in the phenotypic ratio 3:1. What would be the genotypic ratio of the F 2 generation plants? 

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The disorder caused by point mutation is  

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Pure line breed refers to 

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Down's syndrome is associated with trisomy of chromosome number

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How many different types of gametes can be formed by F1 progeny, resulting from the following cross TtRr? 

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Three children in a family have blood types O, AB and B respectively. What are the genotypes of their parents?

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If a homozygous tall plant is crossed with homozygous dwarf plant, the off springs will be

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Which one of the following statements is relevant to sex linked characters?

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In Antirrhinum (Snapdragon), a red flower was crossed with a white flower and in F1 generation all pink flowers were obtained. When pink flowers were selfed, the F2 generation showed white, red and Pink flowers. Choose the incorrect statement from the following.

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Genes which are located only in the Y-chromosome are known as

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Mating of an organism to a double recessive in order to determine whether it is homozygous or heterozygous for a character under consideration is called 

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A human female with Turner's syndrome

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The nuclear structure observed by Henkings in 50% of the insect sperm after spermatogenesis was

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An abnormal human baby with 'XXX' sex chromosomes was born due to

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Identify the correct order of organisation of genetic material from largest to smallest

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What were the phenotypes F2 generation plants obtained by selfing of heterozygous tall F1 plants in Mendel’s monohybrid cross?

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