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NEET 2022 Biology Solution

NEET PYQ of Human Health and Diseases

MCQ of Human Health and Diseases

MCQ of Human Health and Diseases of NEET and Board exams

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which one is the largest antibody/Immunoglobulin

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Ascaris lumbricoides is a species of parasite in human, commonly target the

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Which of the following sets of diseases is caused by bacteria

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Widal test is commonly used for, confirmation of

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Rhino virus, is the causative agent of common cold, its genome is

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The Infectious stage of Plasmodium that enters the human body is

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The vector for sleeping sickness is

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B & T lymphocytes,both are produced in the bone marrow, but the maturation of T cell take place in

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Ringworm in human is caused by

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Elephantiasis is caused by

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