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The Living World Important NEET 2025

In this post we will solve questions related to Class 11 NCERT Biology Chapter 1, The Living World, and also we will solve basic Biology questions.

Important NEET Questions of Cell the Unit of Life

Which are the important biologists name in basic Biology and also the questions related to them. You should try to solve as many questions as possible.

However, in the beginning, not many questions have been shared in this post, but in the coming time, we will share the questions asked in NEET and other competitive exams. We will try to keep them also.

Try to solve all the questions that are there at present.

The basics of classification are explained in The Living World chapter and not only in

In the new NCERT, characteristics of living have been removed and biodiversity and initial classification, nomenclature system and necessary taxonomic categories have been included.

Based on that, we are putting questions here in the quiz.

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Important NEET questions The living world

MCQ of The Living World

MCQ of The Living World and important biologist for NEET and other exams.

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Fathers of Medicines

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The common characteristics between Lion and Tiger will be maximum at the level of their

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Compared to genus, which of the following is less general in characters?

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Father of immuology

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The study of the structure and function of cells is called:

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Father of Botany

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Father of Zoology

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Fathers of Cytology

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One of the first step of taxonomy is

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For wheat, which of the following combinations is correct?

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Fathers of Taxonomy

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Nomenclature is governed by certain universal rules. Which one of the following is contrary to the rules of nomenclature?

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The term Biology was given by

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Who is Father of Biology

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Full form of ICBN

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Total numbers of Obligate Taxonomic categories are

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The highest taxonomic category in classification sysytem is

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Father of Genetics

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Father of Mycology (study of Fungi)

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The second highest category in plant classification is

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