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Biological Classification Important NEET Questions

In this post we will solve questions related to Class 11 NCERT Biology Chapter 2, Biological Classification, and also we will solve important NEET questions.

NEET MCQ of Living World

Which are the important biologists name in Biological Classification and also the questions related to them. You should try to solve as many questions as possible.

However, in the beginning, not many questions have been shared in this post, but in the coming time, we will share the questions asked previous year qustions (PYQ) in NEET and other competitive exams. We will try to keep them also.

Try to solve all the questions that are there at present.

Most Important NEET MCQ of Biomolecules

The Biological Classification chapters deal about Monera, protista and fungi in details.

In the new NCERT, there is no change in this chapter.

Important NEET MCQ of Human Reproduction

Based on that, we are putting questions here in the quiz.

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Important biological classification NEET questions

MCQ of Biological Classification

Important MCQ of Biological Classification of NEET, Board exams and other exams.

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The correct characteristic of Slime moulds is

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Which of the following does not contain chlorophyll?



Which of the following does not contain chlorophyll?

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Which statement is incorrect about the Blue-green algae?

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Which of the following organisms can be found in extreme saline conditions?

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Which satatement is incorrect about Dinoflagellates?

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Well defined nucleus is absent in?

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Which one of the following combinations are correctly related to fungi

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Which of the following statement regarding protists, is wrong?

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In which of the following kingdom are Archaea and Cyanobacteria organisms classified?

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Carolus Linnaeus evolved a system of nomenclature of organisms, commonly known as

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Which one is not the basis of classification in the five-kingdom system?

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Which of the following statements is incorect about the fungi?

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Locomotary structures absent in

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In the year ............ T.O. Diener discovered............

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Genome of Tobacco Mosaic Virus (TMV) is

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Two Kingdom System Classification was given by

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Which one is have maximum nutritional diversity?


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Mycelium is a network of

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Which of the following disease is caused by abnormally folded infectious proteins

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Mycology and Phycology is the study of

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