NEET questions of human reproduction

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Human Reproduction Important NEET Questions

In this post we will solve questions related to Class 12 NCERT Biology Chapter 3, Human Reproduction, and also we will solve important NEET questions.

MCQ Reproduction in Flowering Plants

Important terminology in Human Reproduction and also the questions related to them. You should try to solve as many questions as possible.

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However, in the beginning, not many questions have been shared in this post, but in the coming time, we will share the questions asked in NEET and other competitive exams. We will try to keep them also.

MCQ of Molecular Basis of Inheritance

Try to solve all the questions that are there at present.

Most Important NEET MCQ of Biomolecules

Human Reproduction deals the overall process of reproduction and gamete formation, its fertilization and embryo development, placenta formation, childbirth process etc. in details.

In the new NCERT, there is no change in this chapter.

Based on that, we are putting questions here in the quiz.

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Human Reproduction NEET Questions

NEET questions of human reproduction

NEET MCQ of Human Reproduction

Important MCQ of Human Reproduction of NEET, Board exams and others exams

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Receptors for sperm binding in mammals are present on

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Which of the important antibody or immunoglbulin(Ig) is rich amount in Colostrum

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Which of the following is not a part of the female reproductive system in human beings?

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The site of fertilization is in human female is

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In the 28 days human female reproductive cycle, the ovulation takes place typically on

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The term Foetal-Ejection reflex is used to understand the process of

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How many autosomes does a human secondary spermatocyte have?

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The ejection of milk from mammary glands is stimulated by

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Prolaction and oxytocin are important hormone for proper lactation, both are secreted from

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Mitochondria in sperm present in

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The secondary oocytes in human female contain

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The production of milk in mammary glands is stimulated by hormone

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Capacitation of sperms occurs in

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In human male FSH act on the.......... to release some important factors

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At the time of ovulation ovary release

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Which of the following is not a part of oviduct?

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Which one group of hormones is not related to human males

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Which one of the hormone is not related to human male

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The testosterone hormone is released from ......... cells

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capacitation refers to changes in the

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