NEET Questions Molecular Basis of Inheritance

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Molecular Basis of Inheritance Important NEET Questions

In this post we will solve questions related to Class 12 NCERT Biology Chapter 5, Molecular Basis of Inheritance, and also we will solve important NEET questions.

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Important terminology in Molecular Basis of Inheritance and also the questions related to them. You should try to solve as many questions as possible.

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However, in the beginning, not many questions have been shared in this post, but in the coming time, we will share the questions asked in NEET and other competitive exams. We will try to keep them also.

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Try to solve all the questions that are there at present.

Most Important NEET MCQ of Biomolecules

Molecular Basis of Inheritance deals the Structure of DNA, its discovery, mode of DNA replication as well as flow of genetic information from DNA to RNA and then Protein, that is transcription, translation etc. in details.

In the new NCERT, there is no change in this chapter.

Based on that, we are putting questions here in the quiz.

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Molecular Basis of Inheritance NEET Questions

NEET Questions Molecular Basis of Inheritance

MCQ of Molecular Basis of Inheritance

NEET and Board MCQ of Molecular Basis of Inheritance

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The direction of DNA replication is

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GUG codon code amino acid

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Adenylic acid is

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Nucleotides are building blocks of nucleic acids and each nucleotide is a composite molecule formed by

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Which of the following is the simplest amino acid?

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Adenine is

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One turn of the helix in a B-form DNA is approximately

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The process of RNA splicing shows the dominance of

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In a transcription unit, the terminator is located towards

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The polarity of both the DNA strands is opposite to each other is due to the

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